Welcome to the Texas Lone Star Reading List wiki!

The purpose of this wiki is to provide a forum for Texas librarians to share ideas for using and promoting the Lone Star Reading List.

You do not need to join the wiki in order to post. However, we do ask that you include your name and the name of your library at the end of your post for easy reference for our readers. If you are willing to answer questions about your post, you may also include your email address.

Thank you for your interest in the Texas Lone Star List!

Quick links to Lone Star resources:
Lone Star electronic resources

Our Lone Star YouTube Channel offers a trailer that highlights some of titles:

Lone Star YouTube Channel
Lone Star YouTube Channel

Quick ideas for promoting the Lone Star List in your library:

  • Create an area for displaying the current Lone Star titles so readers can find them easily.

  • Form a Lone Star reading club. Members can read the new titles and/or the nominees under consideration and discuss them with other readers.

  • Copy the Lone Star title list and bookmark and make available at the circulation desk.

  • Encourage patrons to read 5 of the titles. Those who do can have their picture made with a favorite title and displayed in a special location in the library.

  • Spotlight a different title each week or month in the library and/or on your website.

  • Show book trailers and author interviews to encourage interest in Lone Star titles.

  • Host "Lone Star Listens." Each month or week read (or play the audio format) of a portion of a Lone Star title with wide reader appeal.